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The Anzilotti Group is a National security and investigations consultancy that helps clients in the public and private sectors enhance their ability to mitigate risk and operate more safely, effectively and professionally. With a penchant for scrutinized security, we are committed to creating safe and professional spaces for individuals and organizations who inevitably face a barrage of risks and threats. Real world dangers are ever evolving, and the only way to curb adversity is stay one step ahead.

Therefore, we have equipped ourselves with path-breaking expertise, next-gen tools, and influential professionals who share our passion for building a safer tomorrow for everyone.

“The Anzilotti Group is the continuation of my lifelong commitment to improving public safety and keeping people safe” – Robert Anzilotti, former Chief of Detectives and CEO of The Anzilotti Group

About The Anzilotti Group

The Anzilotti Group is spearheaded by Robert Anzilotti, former Chief of Detectives for the highly regarded Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and a graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy. A veteran security expert who is nationally recognized for his investigative excellence, he leads a team of subject matter experts prepared to confront any threat facing your organization. The Group serves both public and private sector clients and organizations in bolstering security, conducting investigations, threat assessments, policy enhancement and strategic planning.

Core Strengths

Our core strengths are reflected by our unrelenting commitment to provide clients with the highest level of security and investigations consultancy available. We have a proven track record of helping public organizations improve the delivery of services and public safety, and the private sector in workplace safety, security and investigations. Our team has successfully investigated and navigated hundreds of complex high-profile investigations, aimed at enhancing the security of stakeholders. Our experience encompasses all phases of security and investigations.

Our Expertise


Public Safety and Law enforcement agencies are often faced with institutional, technical and communal challenges while ensuring a high level service quality. We provide Public Safety Agency Assessments that are designed to evaluate their overall functioning and look for clues that might raise alarms for better procedures to be developed.

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Strategic planning is at the heart of any organization that wants to bulletproof their security and prevent management processes from going into shambles. We provide strategic planning and management services that bolster the organization’s present-day operations as well as build capacity for emergencies with the correct contingency protocols.

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Bolster your physical and cyber security by accessing our extremely competent experience in managing threats, violence, anti-terrorism protocols, and critical infrastructure, as a part of our security consulting services.
We enable your organization to develop security capabilities and shield against potential dangers in a responsive fashion.

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The quality and accuracy of investigations can change the course of outcome and pave the way for a more accountable justice system. We provide superior investigative services for criminal cases and all kinds of security-related incidents that need the non-biased intervention of a 3rd party investigator.

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We play an all-encompassing role in building technological robustness for our clients. We participate in the process of developing, enabling, and implementing the right security tools for end-users. Our constant cybersecurity innovation provides tailored solutions to our clients, ranging from enterprise mobility to protection from cyber attacks.

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We cater to a range of private client services may it be security services, investigations or training. Each service is specifically delivered as per the clients nuanced needs to fulfill their targeted needs. The Anzilotti Group works with several private clients that usually have special requirements for their cases or need an expert’s help for resolving sensitive matters.

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"Numerous agencies, including mine, seek his advice and counsel when confronted with complex operational, technical and leadership issues, which he generously provides," Grewal said. "That’s why his vision and leadership has not only improved the delivery of law enforcement services across Bergen County, but also raised the bar across our state."
Gurbir Grewal
"New Jersey Attorney General"

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The Anzilotti Group

As someone whose career has touched every level of conducting and supervising detailed and complex investigations and includes a long list of investigative experience for over 25 years, The Anzilotti Group was started to fulfill a void in services and expertise provided to government and private sector entities.

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