Private Client Services

We cater to a range of private client services may it be security services, investigations or training. Each service is specifically delivered as per the clients nuanced needs to fulfill their targeted needs. The Anzilotti Group works with several private clients that usually have special requirements for their cases or need an expert’s help for resolving sensitive matters. So far, we have catered to security consulting, private investigator, background investigation and on-demand intelligence services for our expanding private clientele.

Private Security Services

We provide trained professionals for meeting personal and governmental security needs for specialized missions or fulfilling duties warranted by a law enforcement authority. We understand the nuanced nature of security services and aid our clients in safe-guarding in their chosen places, may it be a private property or public dominion. 

Private Investigator Services

Our PI services are designed to meet information and intelligence needs required by our clients for solving criminal cases or personal conflicts. Our team of PI professionals are heavily trained for the task, and have been servicing a network of private clients for a long time. Our methods are designed to conceal identity and obtain accurate information with the help of thorough investigation.

Private Case Consultancy

If you’ve a complex case that requires expert opinion or a deeper analysis of your situation by a security professional, you can subscribe to our private case consultancy services. Our clients rely on us for obtaining highly vetted advisory on some of the most twisted cases that require expert legal navigation and the eye of an experienced investigator.

The Anzilotti Group

As someone whose career has touched every level of conducting and supervising detailed and complex investigations and includes a long list of investigative experience for over 25 years, The Anzilotti Group was started to fulfill a void in services and expertise provided to government and private sector entities.

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