Public Safety Agency Assessments

Public Safety and Law enforcement agencies are often faced with institutional, technical and communal challenges while ensuring a high level service quality. We provide Public Safety Agency Assessments that are designed to evaluate their overall functioning and look for clues that might raise alarms for better procedures and practices to be developed. 

Our evaluators and investigators are highly experienced with the criminal justice system, which enables us to conduct our assessments with proficiency. We have so far helped several public agencies in documenting incidents, creating better policies and address community issues responsibly.

Investigation and Review

We conduct a deep review of the agency on several parameters to identify seemingly harmful patterns and areas of improvement. Our detailed review process considers several grounds such as personnel safety, incident response, bias and so on. Over the years, we have enabled agencies to build better protocols for handling sensitive issues, and address organizational challenges in a positive way. 

Performance Audits

Performance Audits are evaluating at isolating internal and external factors that may be leading the agency into untoward behaviour. This usually includes malicious third parties, unresolved conflicts and informants that contribute to unintended performance outcomes. Our audit process helps public safety departments to offer correctional resources to agencies with confidence. 


We have a wide variety of training that targets leadership, organizational structure, process workflow, communication, etc, all of which have a great significance in smooth functioning. Right from top management to employees and contractors, we cover the entire hierarchy for providing training that would sharpen their skills, and improve performance across the board.  

The Anzilotti Group

As someone whose career has touched every level of conducting and supervising detailed and complex investigations and includes a long list of investigative experience for over 25 years, The Anzilotti Group was started to fulfill a void in services and expertise provided to government and private sector entities.

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