Security Consulting

Bolster your physical and cyber security by accessing our extremely competent experience in managing threats, violence, anti-terrorism protocols, and critical infrastructure, as a part of our security consulting services.

We enable your organization to develop security capabilities and shield against potential dangers in a responsive fashion. Our consultancy focuses on strengthening your security fronts, both internal and external.

Critical Infrastructure Assessment

Assessing risks and preparing critical infrastructure projects such as public spaces, airports, transport nodes, waterfronts, with contingency measures. We advise the authorities governing these projects on security aspects and the threat-readiness they require to successfully navigate untoward circumstances. We also conduct assessments for governmental bodies, senate houses, and institutions with potential risks. Our deep analysis and reporting prepare the governing bodies with security structures.

Distribution Capability Assessment

Helping Supply and Logistics industries build an unshakeable network of deliveries. We analyze the imminent threats located at the various network nodes and fulfillment facilities. We strengthen the distribution grid by actively investigating vulnerabilities present in the transport, storage, and management structures.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) ​

Identifying requirements, constructing SOPs, and providing an implementation plan to organizations. We help organizations make security an irrevocable part of their SOP framework so that they’re better prepared to deal with uncertainties. We work with law enforcement bodies, government-sanctioned authorities, and independent institutions to provide highly specific SOPs.

Physical Site Security

Providing the necessary training and preparedness measures for maintaining security at physical locations. We equip the staff, general occupants, and stakeholders with the right resources for staying vigilant for mishaps. 

Our security risk assessments go a long way in identifying potential threats, enabling the ground security teams to be prepared for them, and providing relevant skills for navigating security breaches. 

Event Site Security

Global and international high-stakes events usually require deep analysis and security assurance. We have worked with several planning authorities at several such events that require a detailed task force for bolstering event security and identifying any possible threats that could disrupt the event. 

Our event security services span sports events, public events, and corporate meetings that require an elevated risk assessment.

Technology & Cybersecurity

Providing consultancy on the type of cybersecurity tools, techniques, and frameworks that must be employed for successfully avoiding cyber threats at offices and institutions.

We follow a detailed roadmap for introducing cyber compliances, configuring firewalls, and ensuring that our clients have been covered from various imminent threats, may those be borne online or offline.

The Anzilotti Group

As someone whose career has touched every level of conducting and supervising detailed and complex investigations and includes a long list of investigative experience for over 25 years, The Anzilotti Group was started to fulfill a void in services and expertise provided to government and private sector entities.

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