Specialized Training

Building skills and capacities in the most organized way possible.

We provide focused training sessions that are aligned with the immediate and long-term needs of our clients. We use professional training methods to constructively impart relevant skills and knowledge.

Our training methodology is designed to meet your organization’s training requirements. We pick the right courses that address the skill and knowledge gaps for your employees and stakeholders. Our training approach is highly classroom-oriented and we place industry experts close to trainees in order to cultivate a culture of experiential learning and not just theory.

Training Courses

Being a security enabler or top-tier organizations around the world, we have developed an exhaustive list of training courses that perfectly match the security requirements of modern offices. Ranging from intelligence operations and analysis to infrastructure protection, our courses comprehensively work towards strengthening the security framework of your organization.

We also have specialized advanced security courses that deal with firearms and VIP protection.

In several years of our functioning, we have trained countless law enforcement task force, participants. We have enabled international diplomats and ambassadors to fully develop combat skills and manage security escalations successfully.

Training Facilities

We also partner with premier training facilities around the world to expand the scope of our training courses. Currently, we have ties with global organizations that train professionals in all kinds of personal security skills. We have developed a thriving network of training providers and consultants who work towards increasing the quality of training provided by our organization.

The Anzilotti Group

My career has touched every level of conducting and supervising detailed and complex investigations and includes a long list of investigative experience dating back to 1996.

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